Some digital dust and a new physical location.


The blog has seen almost no updates in the last three weeks because I moved to a new living space.  We were living in a cramped one-bedroom apartment for the last couple of years, so I was writing/drawing maps using a tiny TV tray and holding my mouse on my lap and trying to sketch out the cartography as I went along.  Needless to say, that wasn’t very helpful nor was it conducive to drawing maps of any kind.  Luckily, we now have double the living space, which means there’s now enough room to do everything I need without compromising on the quality of the work.

The last few weeks have been interesting as I injured myself at least a couple of times while moving and I got some pretty potent drugs to deal with the pain from what seems to have been a bruised rib.  So other than unpacking and cleaning, I’ve been laid up on meds.  Can’t say  it wasn’t fun, but…


Anyway, back to churning out new content…


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