Change Size, a Venture City power


Change Size

Your body grows or shrinks.

Basic Change Size: Choose either growth or shrink.  You are able to grow large enough to treat adjacent zones as the same zone you are in or shrink small enough to ignore obstacles that impede your movement.


Master Change Size: If you grow, you gain a +1 to Fight attacks against opponents in another zone.  If you shrink, you gain Armor:1 due to your small size.

Any Size: You can shrink and grow.

Change Another’s Size: When you physically touch a target, you can make their size change.  If they wish to resist the change, they make a Physique roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle.

Common Power Synergies

Gadgeteering: Your power is a ray gun or other portable defice.

Super Strength: Your great size provides you with prodigious muscles.

Phasing: You bypass obstacles because you’re small enough to slip through the cracks.


  • Unfortunately, being so large means you Can’t Grasp Things as they tend to slip from your fingers.
  • You’ve spent enough time in a miniaturized state that even at normal size You Feel Small.

Collateral Damage Effects

Size Shock: If you wish to change your state in a hurry, you can displace the air mass in the zone like a concussive burst.  Everything in your zone is pushed into adjacent zones, named NPCs and PCs can make an Athletics roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle to remain in the zone.

Shrink Wink: Through sheer force of will alone, you cause everything to miniaturize and return to normal in the blink of an eye.  The effect is devastating to the physical form and rips apart objects to send debris flying around the zone.  Anyone within the area makes an Athletics roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle to avoid taking two points of stress from the detritus.


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