Clairvoyant, a Venture City power



You can view the world, one location at a time.

Basic Clairvoyance: You can view a location you cannot physically see.  By making a Notice roll with against a Fair (+2) obstacle, you can see what is happening in a zone you cannot see into.  While you can observe the room like a camera, you cannot interact with it.  Any attempts to Investigate are against a Great (+4) obstacle since you cannot thoroughly examine objects in the zone.  If the subject of your observation leaves the zone, you must make a Notice roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle to maintain the connection and move to the new zone.


Master Clairvoyant: Your ability to view remote locations is spot on.  Gain a +2 to Notice when using your power.

Through Her Eyes: Instead of anchoring your clairvoyance to the zone, you can instead view the world through the eyes of your target.  Doing so is a Good (+3) obstacle, but if the target leaves their current zone you do not need to roll to stay focused on them.

Home Movies: You don’t just see what’s going on, you can hear it as well.

Common Power Synergies

Shielding: You know how to prevent people from psychically surveilling you.

Machine Control: You are the ultimate universal remote control.

Improved Special Effect

Sight Beyond Sight: You can let others see what you see.  You must touch the recipient of your sight and make an Empathy roll to establish the connection.

Incorporeal Sleuth: You can examine objects for virtually any angle.  You gain a +2 to Investigate remotely.


  • Your sight can only be in one place at a time. When you use Clairvoyant, you are Temporarily Blind.
  • Knowing that you can spy on others, you are aware that someone might do it to you. You can’t shake the feeling that Someone’s Watching Me.

Collateral Damage Effects

Shifting Perspective: If you want to do some serious damage to another person’s sense of self, then unleashing this effect will have some seriously unintended consequences to everyone but you in the zone.  Everyone’s eyesight is through someone else’s eyes every exchange.  Everyone stumbles about and is in danger of injuring themselves, taking a moderate physical consequence if they move around.  Nameless NPCs are taken out while named NPCs and PCs can make an Athletics roll against a Great (+4) obstacle to leave the zone without injury.  This effect lasts until you end it or the scene ends.

Shattered Worldview: You can force people up to one zone away to see the world through the eyes of another.  Everyone in the zone has their sight replaced with someone else’s.  The effect is so dizzying that everyone makes a Will check against a Good (+3) obstacle to avoid being stunned while in the zone until you turn off this effect or the scene ends.


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