Gravity Control, a Venture City power


Gravity Control

You determine where the force of gravity lays.


Basic Gravity Control:  You get a +2 to Will rolls to change the direction of gravity in your zone.  Anyone not near a surface for the new direction makes an Athletics roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle to avoid taking stress damage from falling, including you.



Increased Weight: You can target one object or person.  Their weight is instantly increased by the pull of gravity on them.  Characters must make a Physique roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle or take two stress while fragile objects break while ones that survive the increased become Fair (+2) obstacles if someone attempts to move them.

Buoyancy: You can make objects float by weakening the hold gravity has on them.  Using this effect, you get a +2 to Physique rolls to overcome obstacles, whether people or objects.  If the object is placed in water, it won’t sink.

Single Bound: Your manipulation of gravity is so precise that you can leap over ground-based obstacles and ignore them.  You can use Athletics to overcome obstacles and move into zones without the penalty associated with aspects that hinder movement if they don’t affect aerial movement.


Common Power Synergies


Super-Strength: You lift very heavy objects with ease.

Illusion: You don’t change gravity, you change a person’s perception of where it is and leave them disoriented.

Spatial Control: You bend, warp, and create gravity wells to shape the world to your liking.


Improved Special Effect


Zero-Gee: You render a target weightless; it moves with ease.  Characters affected by this have to make an Athletics roll against a Good (+3) obstacle to overcome the problems of weightlessness.

Singularity: You create a black hole that winks out of existence almost as soon as it’s created.  This only affects one target and you make a Shoot roll with a Good (+3) obstacle to pinpoint it precisely.  If the target does not successfully defend with a Physique roll, the singularity causes a minor consequence.




  • Gravity is a fundamental force and your control of it leaves you feeling Perpetually Exhausted.
  • You know how easy it is to change where someone’s center of gravity is that you Trod Heavily wherever you go.
  • Falling doesn’t scare you, you are so sure of your powers that you Take Unnecessary Risks around precipices.


Collateral Damage Effects


Kinetic Smash: In a sudden fit of power, you can lay waste to an entire zone by changing gravity to pull things up and then reversing it to slam it back into the ground.  Glass shatters; wood splinters; bricks, rock, and concrete crack under the onslaught.  Nameless NPCs are crushed to death while Named NPCs and PCs make a Physique roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle to avoid a moderate physical consequence.

Singularity Shotgun: If you don’t care what carnage you can cause, you can unleash a devastating by perforating the fabric of reality with an inordinate number of tiny black holes.  The damage caused by this effect collapses structures, killing nameless NPCs while Named NPCs and PCs make a Physique roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle or take a moderate physical consequence.


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