Postcognition, a Venture City power



You can see into the past, making history alive and at your viewing pleasure.


Basic Postcogniton: While touching an object (which can include the ground of the zone), you can look at the past.  You can see the object’s immediate past without penalty, but the further back you go, the harder it is to glimpse what happened.  You get a +2 to Notice rolls.  The further away in time or geography the object is from the event you wish to view, the greater the difficulty.

The time limits between the present and the desired event are left deliberately vague.  This takes into many factors, such as how much of a connection the object has to the event either through use or as passive element of the scenery, the distances involved, and even how much the character knows what to look for.  As such, the more an item is connected to the event, the more research conducted, and the like, the smaller the obstacle and less confusing the results.




Master Postcognition: Your ability to sift through the shadows of time is most impressive.  Gain a +2 to Notice rolls when attempting to view the past.

Sympathetic Histories: You not only can view the past through an object, you can view the past through sympathetic connections between people, places, or events.

Are You Experienced?: You do more than see the past, you experience the sensations present at the time.  Choose Notice or Investigation.  You a better understanding of what happened and can act on that information either to gain some (extra)sensory awareness in the now of a target’s presence or uncover crucial clues.  Either way, the roll gets a +2 for that specific piece of knowledge.


Common Power Synergies


Item Summoning: Those items you grab from nowhere?  They’re actually “lost” objects snatched from the past

Influence: Your powers are really a form of post-hypnotic suggestion inserted after you need them to know, but before you met them.  Confusing but effective.




  • You’ve experienced more in a lifetime than many people will ever dream of and you’ve only lived the one. So much so, You forget What Year it is
  • For some people, nostalgia is a thing that gives them rose-tinted glasses and a loving fondness of the past. You can experience it whenever you like, and You Love Living in the Past.


Collateral Damage Effects


Your Worst Nightmare: With this effect, you can cause some severe mental anguish on everyone in the zone as they catch a glimpse at the one thing in their life that has scarred them the most dredged up and forced to relive once again.  Characters must make a Will roll against a Great (+4) obstacle or suffer a -4 to attacks.  This lasts for a few minutes or until you decide to end the effect.

History Repeating: You can target any zone up to one zone away.  Anyone within that zone falls back on tried-and-true methods, only problem is you and your allies have seen these tired moves before.  Opponents who fail a Will roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle suffer a -2 to their rolls against you and your friends.  This lasts for a scene or until you decide to end the effect.


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