Sonic Manipulation, A Venture City power


Sonic Manipulation

You have control over sound.  With it, you are virtuoso, a one-person orchestra, or the greatest hunter anyone knows.


Basic Sound Manipulation: Choose one skill from Notice, Empathy, and Decieve: you have the ability to redirect, generate, or silence sound in a zone.  Whenever you try to control where a sound comes from, you make a Notice check to control how sound works in the zone.  To create sounds in the zone, you use Empathy to call up the frequencies and shape them to have the desired effect on the listener. If you are trying to silence a zone, you use Deceive to mask the sound or completely stamp it out.




Master Sonic Manipulation: You’re highly skilled in acoustics.  You gain a +2 to your sonic rolls when playing with sound.

Sonic Virtuoso: You know different techniques to change how sound works.  Choose another skill to manipulate sound.

Dissonance: You are well-versed in the ways sound can debilitate, you can attack with your power so long as you can see the target and they are no more than one zone away.

Beacon: You flood the zone with a sound that can be heard up to three zones away, attracting attention and affecting targets as if they were in your zone.


Common Power Synergies


Telepathy: The sound is in the character’s head, like an earworm that won’t go away.

Influence: You do more than invoke a mood with your music, you implant suggestions.



  • You’re hyperaware of sounds to the point that it has left you with a constant ringing in your ear. The result is that you Can’t Hear Well.
  • The reason you can mimic any sound you wish is because your body is a tuning fork. You have a Unique Frequency that can be detected with the right equipment.


Collateral Damage Effects


Wall of Sound: You can throw up a sonic barrier between you zone and the outside world. No sounds can traverse the barrier and anything trying to cross must make a Physique roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle or take a moderate physical consequence related to the disruption the vibrations have on the body—especially the sensory organs.

Cacophony: If you do not care about the destructive power your mastery of sound entails, you can blast out windows and rupture delicate objects. Anyone caught in the devastating blast of sound must make an Athletics save against a fair (+2) obstacle to avoid the shards and protect the ears or suffer from a moderate physical consequence from aural damage or the shrapnel.


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