Spatial Manipulation, a Venture City power


Spatial Manipulation

You can twist space to you whims. Distance conforms to your dictates.


Basic Spatial Control: You can expand or contract space, creating barriers to your opponents and shortcuts for you and your allies when you move through one zone to another. Gain +2 to Deceive to overcome the true distance across the zone to what you want it to be perceived as. If you succeed, you create an aspect with a free invoke. Opponents may make a Will roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle to ignore the spatial distortion.




Master Spatial Control: Your power to control space is unparalleled. Gain an additional +2 to Deceive when stretching or compressing the space between zones.

Co-location: Through sheer unmitigated force of personality, you are able to bend two zones so that they are considered the same place for combat and movement purposes. To create this effect, you make a Provoke roll against a Great (+4) obstacle.

Asynchronous Correspondence: The distortion you cause to space affects attacks across zones in random quantum fluctuations. You make a Deceive roll against a Fair (+2) obstacle. If successful, all attackers firing in the adjacent zone must roll a single fate die: on a –, the zone is adjacent; on a blank, the zone is an extra zone away; and on a +, the zone is treated as 2 extra zones away.

Bigger on the Inside: You can create an extradimensional pocket that holds more room than its interior suggests. You gain a +2 to Deceive when attempting to hide objects that you can then retrieve undetected. For a fate point, you can make the space big enough for you and your allies to hole up until the end of the scene or you end the effect by leaving the space.


Common Power Synergies


            Teleportation: You fold space without moving.

Time Control: All of space and all of time at your fingertips, you often get asked “where do you want to go today?”

Flight: You don’t just fly, you travel at incredible rates without disturbing the air around you.


Enhanced Special Effects


Spatial Break: You create a tear in space that cuts through an opponent’s form. The body isn’t damaged beyond the physical attack, but for the duration of the scene or you choose to end the break, it is effectively severed. The opponent suffers as if they had a mild physical consequence while the break lasts.




  • Having so many things within your reach has made life…just a little too convenient. You’ve gotten comfortable like this to the point that you Don’t Like Moving.
  • You’ve folded and stretched the fabric of space so much that it’s taken its toll on you in ways you sometimes have trouble admitting to yourself, but you’re Bad at Judging Distance as a result.


Collateral Damage Effects


            Twisted Space: If you really don’t care about how much damage you cause, you can lay waste to an entire zone up to two zones away. The affected region has its spatial fabric twisted so much that it destroys the structural integrity of objects within. Nameless NPCs are killed outright, while named NPCs and PCs make a Physique Roll against a Good (+3) obstacle to avoid a moderate physical consequence from the twisting caused by the spatial fabric.

Unseen Maze: You can affect a zone up to two zones away with a tangled maze that makes movement and attacks in the affected area travel circuitous routes. If you succeed with a Deceive roll against a Great (+4) obstacle, any motion-based actions taken in the zone must overcome a Fair (+2) obstacle to succeed as intended, otherwise a random target is selected or characters find they are in the same spot as where they started.


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