February’s Medium Puzzle #1

I have a backlog of puzzles, so here’s another to keep you occupied while I finalize some publishing details and get the variety of blog posts flowing again.

February Easy #2

Yet another puzzle for you.

Feb #1 Easy

The first easy puzzle I did for that month.


Character Building – Hard Puzzle

This puzzle was designed for gamers.

Easy Puzzle #2

The fifth puzzle I made.

A Medium Difficulty Puzzle.

If you like crossword puzzles, perhaps you’ll enjoy this one, the fourth one I gave to library patrons.

This is “Ring in 2017.”

An Easy Puzzle

My third crossword puzzle offering.

Went Round 2 with the flu.

I would have provided a new puzzle a week ago if I hadn’t gotten so ill from the flu.  So, sorry for the delay on any blog updates.

This one is called “Winter Wonderland.”

Not really as inactive as I appear.

So, one of the reasons I haven’t been writing much is that I’ve been spending a lot of time learning some new skills.  As we haven’t finished unpacking and getting some new furniture for our larger place, I don’t have a desk so I can finish doing cartography work on the maps for Castle Builder Reforged and have that project finally out the door.  I have limitations on what I can do without a desk as part of an occupational hazard, but rest assured that project hasn’t been abandoned.

To that end, I’ve also been working on a lot of research for a few other projects, which is why if you’ve been dropping by from time to time, you may have noticed the incremental changes to my progress bars for a few things.  There are stacks of index cards I could take photos of as proof that I really am working, but I’m not sure anyone other than writers would be interested in what processes I use to develop my final drafts.

Since I’ve gotten better with creating puzzles, I’m going to start putting a few up occasionally for you to try your hand at them.  Be forewarned though, some of these puzzles are extremely complex and were designed to be as challenging as possible from not only the obscurity of the words, but also the types the clues I’ve used.  If you look at my body of work and some of the things I’ve share through social media and the like, you’ll see how much I enjoy puns.

The puzzle below was my first successful attempt at making a themed crossword.  Some of the answers won’t make sense if you aren’t from the local area I made the puzzle for and I relied on the stock clue bank to help generate some of the answers.  Despite this, I’m presenting it just to see how much you might enjoy/lothe my skills.  Several of my patrons have thanked me for making them despite the difficulty, so I am hoping you find my puzzles as entertaining.


This one is called “Around Antioch” and was designed for my patrons in mind.