“Why is this blog called ‘Verbal Spewage?'”

Because “Murder Hobos on Parade” didn’t sound inviting enough.  Also, it’s a blog and while people may take my writing seriously, at times it feels like it’s just being vented into the ether waiting for an audience to find it because I’m a terrible self-promoter.

How come you sound like a dick sometimes?

Did you not see what my name is?  Besides, everything I do is for effect.  That’s what writers and entertainers are supposed to do.  We’re monkeys dancing for your amusement.  But in all seriousness, a lot of my writing is academic.  There are plenty of pieces hidden about that aren’t academic, but the majority is because it helps me find a place to start from understanding the theoretical aspects of game design and then translating them into something conversational without losing grasp of the narrative.

Why come no comments…?

Uh……that depends on how much spam I get and the size of my budget.  I’m not famous enough to afford anything fancy.  If you want to donate some cash to keep spammers away, I’ll be glad to accommodate you.  There are options to comment, but mostly it’s the spammers that submit things.

Why so slow?

Besides having a day job, I have carpal tunnel syndrome and I’m dysgraphic.  Those three things have a huge impact on what I can and can’t do, especially the first thing.  My bills have to be paid first.  I don’t know about you, but I like to eat and stay warm and dry.